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As the wave of mobile network and cloud computing become prevalent and information technology keeps developing, the global telecommunications industry has undergone tremendous changes. The rapid development and adoption of the Internet technically makes intruders much easier to hack into target systems, resulting in increasingly serious network and information security problems.  Due to the crucial role and great importance of the telecommunications industry, these incidents adversely affect national security, business operations, and customer interests. Therefore, telecom carriers have to face the challenges of establishing a reliable information security environment and substantially increasing their threat defense capabilities.

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Solution Introduction

Based on network and operation characteristics of telecom carriers, Venustech provides a comprehensive, customized security solution and uses high-performance products and cutting-edge technologies to help carriers resolve the most pressing network security problems. 

Specifically, Venustech can help divide network security domains, enhance the security configurations of network devices, build comprehensive intrusion prevention and detection systems, and perform unified account management, authentication, and authorization.

Network access security: Telecom carriers' network security starts from ensuring the security of network connections between different security domains. Venustech provides them with the Unified Threat Management solution (Venusense UTM) which integrates multiple security features and traditional stateful firewall functionalities. Venustech also offers Venusense FlowEye, an intranet-security-domain traffic monitoring solution. 

It can effectively recognize unauthorized connections, the non-compliant network architecture and analyze traffic among different security domains.

Application security: Venustech offers Venusense WAF, a comprehensive and multi-dimensional application security solution, to help telecom carriers tackle Web attacks, malicious website scanning, data leakage, webpage defacement, server overload, and DDoS attacks at layer 7.

Venustech also provides Venusense ADC, an application delivery solution featuring the industry's highest performance, to meet the challenges of large-scale data request services and help telecom carriers address the problems of overload and load imbalance on servers, significantly improving application security and availability.

Operation security: Gartner points out that losses caused by internal security risks are more serious than those caused by hackers and viruses with regard to the account management, authentication and authorization, as well as operation behavior auditing and other security management of the employees of telecom carriers or of third-party technical service providers. To mitigate this problem, Venustech provides a multi-dimensional solution for managing and auditing operation and maintenance (O&M) behaviors. This solution enables administrators to perform centralized account management, fine-granularity rights management and access auditing for network devices, servers, security devices, databases and other IT resources, thereby helping telecom carriers improve their control over internal risks.

Unified security management: Using the Venusense Unified Security Management (USM) solution, telecom carriers can globally monitor and analyze assets, vulnerabilities, real-time threats, and threat intelligence, and perform system monitoring, risk assessment and auditing. Benefiting from this solution, telecom carriers can employ technical means and mechanisms to expand their security management and control from a local network to an overall system, and upgrade traditional single-point prevention to collaborative prevention in case of threats, therefore greatly improving their capabilities to perceive potential risks.

Success Case

As a regional integrated carrier, China Telecom Guangdong Branch provides integrated network services for more than 20 million mobile subscribers and millions of home and enterprise customers in 22 cities (each city with a population of more than 3 million) across Guangdong province. 

China Telecom Guangdong Branch used to face problems where a large number of its network devices were distributed in IDC data centers within these cities, and they lacked a unified, comprehensive security operation and management platform. Since 2012, China Telecom Guangdong Branch has started to use Venusense USM, Venustech's unified security management platform, which was integrated into its Network Operations Center (NOC) and has become an indispensable important component for its daily management and operation. The Venusense SOC platform is also the industry's first solution for achieving security value-added service operation, and it provides a unified, high-quality security guarantee for managed enterprise customers.