Venustech established Active Defense Laboratory in 1999, one of first to develop attack and defense technology research laboratories established in China's security industry, a core member of the Microsoft MAPP program and is the first practitioner for the “Death” concept.


We are committed to the training and development of technical expertise in network security and in-depth mitigation techniques used to detect &defend including attack techniques used by hackers. The team research and discover security vulnerabilities in computer and network systems and pioneer technology research in the field of cybersecurity.


Till date, ADLab has issued more than 1000 security vulnerabilities through CVE, and more than 600 security vulnerabilities through CNVD/CNNVD, continuously maintaining first-class standards in international cybersecurity communities.

Security research direction

- Operating system and application system

- Mobile smart terminal

- IoT smart device

- Web

- Industrial control system

- Cloud

Practise of the research

Core Product Technology Research: supports vulnerabilities discovery and scanning, WAF, intrusion detection, UTM, source code verification, malicious code discovery and analysis, industrial control security and the research and development of other products.

Key National Science and Technology Projects: undertakes National Cyber Security Research Projects like National 863 Plan, National Torch Program, National Science and Technology Research Program.

Professional Security Services: provides source code security audit, emergency response, in-depth penetration testing services, web security monitoring services, advanced security threat detection and other professional security services.