Based on an innovative dynamic biplane multi-core parallel architecture and powered by Intel DPDK, Venusense NGFW provides T-bit non-blocking data processing capacity. Depend on the advantage of Venustech VSOS (Security Operating System) and high-performance integration processor, Venusense NGFW achieves deep integration of L4-L7 layer, which provides users with high performance and high reliability of the L4-L7 layer unified security protection.

Venusense NGFW provides SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) functions, provides real-time dynamic path selection, WAN optimization, dynamic VPN tunnels, data compression, and end-to-end QoS. It supports flexible, low-cost WAN connection in multiple ways, realizes the fast and safe access of branches and mobile users, and ensures the reliability and high efficiency required by the business. 

Product Features

● Firewall


● Anti-Virus

● Traffic Control

● Longitudinal-Depth Protection

● Network and Management

● Link Load Balancing

● Application Behavior Management and Control

● DDoS Mitigation Service

● Virtualization

● Threat Intelligence


● Web Application Protection

● VCloud Service (SaaS Managed Platform)

● Network Security Policy Management

● Advanced Persistent Threat Protection

● EDR/EPP Integration

● SIEM Integration

● SOAR Integration

Key Benefits

3rd-Generation Multi-Core Parallel Architecture

The advanced dynamic biplane architecture enables dynamic invoking of the processing capabilities of the NP plane and the SP plane.

The multi-core parallelization best practical features are on CPU interlock and on IPC.


Dynamic Defense: Based on Threat Intelligence

Venusense NGFW supports linkage with VenusEye for real-time access to the latest threat intelligence.

Through the Threat Intelligence Protection Module, Venusense NGFW recognizes high-risk domain names and IP on the Internet for the first time and protects them in the shortest possible time.

Support large enterprise customers to build a on-promise threat intelligence cloud to protect against sensitive data.


The Most Advanced Threat Prevention

Venusense NGFW can integrate  with Venusense APT, providing in-depth defense against 0DAY/APT attacks.

Based on certain rules, Venusense NGFW sends unidentifiable files to the APT engine which detects the unknown attacks or threatening files based on sandbox and four inspection engines.

The result was sent to Venusense NGFW  through the CallBack interface.


The exclusive SDWAN plus NGFW integrated solution in China for the vertical intranet of headquarters/provincial/municipal/county government departments and the internal production environment of large enterprises.


SDWAN Features Include

Multi-link load/automatic routing based on link quality/key business multi-link replication/data compression/TCP bilateral acceleration, etc. Common business accelerated by 2 times to 20 times.

Dedicated Line Network Users

Significantly improve service experience, improve service reliability, and complete security features, such as video conferencing.

Internet Users

Cost saving/VPN encryption/complete security features compared with dedicated line.