Featuring comprehensive security capabilities, Venusense Unified Threat Management (UTM) products adopt the industry's most advanced multi-core, multi-thread computing architecture, traffic parsing engine, as well as integrated software design that includes basic security functions, such as firewall, anti-virus(AV), intrusion prevention (IPS), content filtering, application identification, anti-spam, IPSEC/SSL VPN, anti-DDoS system.

In addition, Venusense UTM also provides cloud-based security functions to protect against increasingly complex security threats as well as advanced centralized management solution and user friendly reporting.

Main Functions

Excellent Firewall Features

● The high-performance enterprise-level firewall is based on the Intel multi-core structure.

● The firewall uses the policy matching elements such as application types, URLs, users, and time, to implement fine-granular access control.

● Configurations are implemented based on users. The configurations of multiple functions are combined into one policy, and one policy is configured for one user.


● 6000+ built-in prevention rules

● No performance loss

● Continuous technical support and update service provided by Venustech Security team

Content Filtering

● Virus Filtering

Data stream and file recovery dual-engine

● Anti-Spam

Real-time "cloud detection" for junk mails

● Data Security

Lightened local data filtering

Association with Venustech TianXun data security product

Terminal Behavior Management


VenusEye Threat Intelligence System

VenusEye is developed by Venustech to collect, analyze, handle, publish, and apply the threat intelligence. Working with VenusEye, UTM improves its own intelligent level and protection capability as a "smart" network protector.


VCloud Unified Management and Operation Platform

VCloud provides users with a complete cloud-based product operation and maintenance service platform, including automation authorization, system and signature upgrade, log hosting, configuration backup, operational data visualization and remote maintenance, which help users to master the working status of multi UTM in real time and unified maintenance and management. 


VCloud is a cloud-based centralized management portal and service platform in SaaS. The platform provides users and agents with complete automation solutions of product management, license control, on-line operation and configuration, as well as comprehensive reporting and log retention.


APT Protection

The APT protection ensures user network security by combining the local signature library with cloud detection.


Deploment solutions

Core Network Solution to SMEs


Solution to Branches


Solution to Micronetwork


Product Honors & Certifications

● EAL3+ Certificate

● CVE Compatibility Certificate

● IPv6 Ready Logo Phase 2 Gold Accreditation Certificate