Innovative Teams

Innovative Teams

Research & Development Centre

Founded in 1999, Venustech R&D Center has more than 1,000 R&D personnel, which has been the most extensive network security research base in China. More than 100 product models have been developed and are increasing.

Venustech is the first company within china to self-develop an Intrusion Detection System Hardware, Gigabit Intrusion Detection System, distributed vulnerability scanning system,  the concept and product of "security resource management platform", intrusion management platform (IMS), realized intrusion detection system interacting with firewall andvulnerability scanner, and pioneered user event customization function for intrusion detection system .


Founded in 1999, ADLab is one of the earliest attack and defense technology research laboratories in China's security industry and is a core member of Microsoft's MAPP program.

To date, ADLab has released nearly 300 security or software vulnerabilities in Windows, Linux, Unix and other operating systems through CVE and continue to stay ahead of Asia and establish its central position in the field of international cybersecurity.

The research direction of the laboratory covers the security of operating system and application system, mobile intelligent terminal Internet of Things smart device, webservice, industrial control system, cloud computing.

Research results are applied to core technology of the product, National critical science and technology projects, professional security services.

Core Technologies Research Institute

Venustech setup the Core Technology Institute with the merger of the post-doctorate research team and the pre-research team in R&D center in January 2011 to strengthen the company's core competitiveness and reinforce the exploration of underlying, strategic, forward-looking cutting-edge technology and support long-term business growth around the value of technology.

The objective is to become a security research and technology centre with a domestic and international security strategic vision.

In January 2014, the former Leadsec Network Pre-Research Department was incorporated into the Core Technology Research Institute.

The Institute's current focus of interests includes cloud computing security, software defined security, big data security analysis, threat detection and situational awareness, data security protection, machine learning, and the application of artificial intelligence in security analytics.

Post-Doctorate Workstation

Established in 2000, Postdoctoral Research Workstation is the first enterprise-level network security postdoctoral workstation, for the country to train a large number of outstanding network security senior personnel.

For a long time, postdoctoral workstation is committed to research and development of cutting-edge network security technology, participates in national critical network security research projects, track the progress of security technology domestically and internationally, forms a large number of outstanding scientific research results, and achieves comercialized products, greatly enhances the competitive advantage of the Venustech's products.

VF Expert Team

Venustech VF Expert Group (Frontline Technical Expert Group) was established in 2002, by several domestic and internally well-known senior security experts. It is a first-class information security architecture system design and professional security consulting services expert team.

Some of these experts, as experts with outstanding contributions at the national level, enjoy special government allowances from the State Council,, as well as security experts specially appointed by relevant ministries of the state.

This Expert Group provides strategic customers in various industries with information security solutions that are realistic, close to the business and landing in multiple sectors. This think tank leads and offers directions to the front-line technical professionals..


Big Data Lab (BDLab)

As network security attacks and defenses escalate, attackers often bypass detection and are prone to masking attacks against a backdrop of massive amounts of data.

A critical part of the security value to customers is to proactively identify threats, locate the problem, determining root cause and improves attack sourcing by big data, artificial intelligence, visualization and other technologies.

In January 2017, Venustech restructured the original Big Data Lab and in May 2017 absorbed the security analysis service team.

At present, the main focus includes big data security analysis platform, analysis algorithm model.