Venusense NAC(Network Access Control) is a product for enterprise network access management. It can realize access control for various complex networks without changing the network structure. On the basis of access control, through border detection technology, achieve automatic detection and protection of access points on the network boundary of the entire network, enhancing network visibility and controllability. 

Key Features

Rich User Authentication Methods

The system provides a variety of authentication methods, including username/password, password card, SMS authentication, dynamic token, fingerprint authentication, and certificate authentication, which can be flexibly combined according to the user's security requirements to make the authentication process more secure.

Accurate Network Asset Identification

The system adopts advanced technology to accurately identify network asset information, including: PC, laptop, mobile phone, printer, IP phone, camera, and other equipment. Through a combination of device scanning, passive monitoring, and other methods, establish asset inventory, combine with the access control, alert or block the terminal whose fingerprint information has changed to prevent unauthorized devices from faking MAC addresses.

Clientless Access Design

The system supports a clientless access control scheme. Finish the access control through the web redirection guide page, which solves the problems of system resource occupation, implementation difficulties, client compatibility, making management simple and efficient.

Strong Network Adaptability

The system supports six access control technologies, including: 802.1X, VG, policy routing, port mirroring, DHCP, and transparent bridges. It is suitable for different network environments. Multiple access technologies are combined to greatly improve network adaptability.

Flexible Terminal Baseline Inspection

The system supports endpoint security reinforcement, security baselines, USB access management, security protection, compulsory behavior control and other inspection polices, which can be checked during the entire process of user access. Once a pre-defined policy is found to be inconsistent, the system can alert or block.

User Value

Strengthen Endpoint Access Control

Standardize internal network security management, establish employee security awareness, and establish a line of defense for internal network information security from the system and ideology, covering network security, system security, application security, and management security.

1. Prevent unauthorized personnel and endpoint access.

2. Improve network perimeter security and form a convenient and visualized management of the entire network.

3. Improve endpoint security baseline configuration and enhance endpoint security protection capabilities.

Improve Efficiency of O&M

NAC system enables the effective deployment and implementation of security regulations and can quickly build a unified and efficient security defense system within the company, which greatly simplifies the workload of security management.

1. Processize and standardize access management

2. Implement security regulations, simplify which simplifies safety work

3. Locate equipment, trace audit, inventory

4. Understand overall security situation with rich reports.

5. Enable AD registration and computer name compliance.