Security Operation Center

Security Operation Center

Intensive release of cybersecurity policy lays the foundation 

for the healthy development of smart cities

The real space is a mirror of the virtual space. The insecurities in the process of urban development will also be reflected in the virtual space.


From the "PRISM" event that threatened the security of all countries in 2013 to the "WannaCry" ransomware event that affected various industries in 2017, each incident is a reminder that for smart cities to develop, network security needs to go first.


The policies of China always put social stability and human well-being and property security as a priority. Since 2016, China has released multiple policies such as "Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China", "Critical Information Infrastructure Security Protection Regulations (Opinion-seeking Draft)", "Information Security Protection of Industrial Control Systems Guidelines", "Government Cloud Requirements".These policies lay a strong foundation for high standards and strict requirements of cybersecurity protection for infrastructure operators, critical information infrastructure to ensure optimal operation of smart cities.

Venustech Strategic Blueprint

Security Operation Center for Smart Cities

Smart cities involve a large number of sensors collecting and sending data to the base station and other Internet-enabled devices that communicate with each other to process data. These sensors provide essential city services and infrastructure across a broad range of domains such as government affairs, health care, social security, and transportations. Cybersecurity measures must protect this data from tampering and unauthorized access.

It is undoubtedly an arduous task in the process of smart city development to ensure Big Data privacy and confidentiality.

On the other hand, in the face of increasingly frequent, diverse, and rapid cyberattacks, how to make smart cities based on security and credibility, supporting the stable operation of information society and healthy development has also become an urgent problem to be solved.

Venustech Group is committed to solving the current multifaceted security problems through an independent “third-party” security operation center. It has been setting up independent security operation centers for smart cities in China since 2016.

Since the official opening of the Chengdu Security Operation Center (Beidou Security Operation Center in West Region) in December 2017, more than 20 security operation centers have been built orunder construction nationwide.

The Security Operations Center provides real-time monitoring of all kinds of data, detection of security events, and continuous threat intelligence updates of the infrastructure.The SOC enables users to visualize the current network and business system health status and future trends through the application of artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and other technologies.

SOC teams are made up of management, security analysts, and security engineers. The SOC works with R&D and IT operations teams to manage cybersecurity risks for all kinds of business systems. The SOC team offers users security expert services including but not limited to: incident analysis and auditing, risk assessment and measurement, early warning and response, security situation analysis, and continuous security operations with standardized process management.

About BeiDou Security Operation Center


1) Introduction

Beidou Security Operation Center is the development of Venustech Group's strategy of I3 vision,  that is Independence, Interconnection, and Intelligence.


This is an important milestone in our vision of leading the company into the Era of Security Operations and also the first step of the strategic transformation into security operations and consulting services.

The logo of the Beidou security operation center of Venustech uses the  Big Dipper as the design element. The design reflects the constant transformation of technology and integration through the rotation of the Big Dipper.

In the midst of changes, Venustech continues to integrate the world's most advanced security technologies, integrate the best security talents in the country, and continue to empower the future development of smart city.

2) Operating Philosophy – 5P

5P is the security operation concept of Venustech Group and is the five core elements of evaluating security operations, namely, "Policy", "Product", "Platform", "Professional" and "Process".

These five core elements are essential to ensure the high quality, efficiency, continuity, and synergy of secure operations. The result is a complete closed-loop of security monitoring, analysis, response, and disposal, and to integrate the technologies, processes, and people required for secure operations, and to achieve the business-centric, security-based security policy objectives.

3) Business introduction: Beidou Security Operation Center coverage includes entire China, providing security operation center construction and security operation services for smart city cloud, data center, critical information infrastructure, small and medium enterprises and government agencies.

The Beidou Security Operations Center provides seven categories of security operations, including:

☆Lifecycle-based security services

Life-cycle operations services based on Gartner's adaptive security architecture,provide users with a secure adaptive intelligent security protection system with a full range of closed-loop security services.

☆Security services based on emerging technologies

Solve the security vulnerabilities and threats in today's emerging cloud environment and create a more secure protection system for the new network environment.

☆Security services based on innovative models

Provide innovative security services such as MSS services, SEC-aaS (security as a service), security crowd testing service, and network security insurance services, and serve users with more security options.

☆Security Training Services

Provide professional security training services such as security analyst training, information security awareness training, attackand defense practice training, and professional certification training.

☆Scenario-based Security Services

Provide customized security services such as reinsurance emergency services, website security services, compliance audit services, and security services based on different requirements of different scenarios.

☆Equipment rental service

Provide equipment leasing and equipment tuning services to provide users with security capabilities to help users effectively increase the productivity ratio and save costs.

☆Consulting services

Provide users with life-cycle, multi-dimensional security research, analysis, planning and system construction consulting services to help users establish a comprehensive network security system.

4) Beidou Security Operations Center (West Region)

The Beidou Security Operations Center (West Region) is the first operational center built by Venustech Group. It is the largest security operations center in China, covering an area of about 800 square meters.

The center is designed with "business system risk control" as the core, adopts automated collection method (security information of various IT resources), combines core technologies such as AI and Big Data, establishes a business-based adaptive security architecture, with a comprehensive centralized security operation system for monitoring, analysis and response.The center provides real-time dashboard presenting network and business system health status and events trending for the user to establish a measurable risk model for all kinds of business systems, and provide users with various professional security services.

The Beidou Security Operations Center (West Region) combines the most experienced security operation team domestically and leverages on the advantages of technical resources within the Venustech’s ecosystem, to build an independent security support system. The system covers the relevant applications of the smart city and strives to solve the problems of data fairness and independence.

From the third party's objective perspective, it builds an independent security support system, covers the relevant applications of smart cities, and strives to solve the problems of data fairness and independence.

At the same time, it implements security performance evaluation and presents security visualization into the work.