Venusense IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) is an intrusion prevention network security product independently developed by Venustech. It contains Venustech’s accumulation and research results in intrusion attack identification, making it reach the international leading level in precise blocking. It can actively block a variety of in-depth attack behaviors such as network worms, spyware, Trojan horse software, overflow attacks, database attacks, advanced threat attacks, and brute force, which makes up for the lack of in-depth defense effects of other security products.


Leading Intrusion Prevention

● More than 5000+ intrusion prevention features

● Event customization capabilities for more than 25 protocols and hundreds of protocol variables

● SQL attack and XSS injection defense mechanism based on patented algorithm

● IoT attack detection and defense

Advanced Continuous Attack Protection

● Built-in static engine, support integration with dynamic engine

● Unknown C&C channel detection and blocking

● Callback feature extraction and blocking

● 17 kinds of application password guessing and detection capabilities

● Weak password detection

Dual-Engine Efficient Virus Protection

● Double virus engine

● Comprehensive coverage, updated weekly

● Low performance degradation

Threat Intelligence

● Integrate with Venusense Endpoint Management System

● Integrate with Venusense Advanced Persistent Threat detection system

● Integrated VenusEye Threat Intelligence

● Provide general interface

Sensitive Information Protection

● Sensitive information protection engine

● Support email, forum, Weibo, blog, cloud storage and other applications and protocols

● Content-level deep analysis and sensitive information interception technology

Context Awareness

● Integrate with Venusense Endpoint Management System

● Active scanning and scanning result import

● Accurate attacks found in massive attacks

Perfect Internet Entertainment Behavior Control

● P2P control

● Streaming media control

● IM and online game control

● Stock software control

High Availability

● Highly trustable and secure operating system

● Master, slave or collocate

● Hardware bypass

● Software bypass and overload protection

● Multiple operating system redundancy

● Multiple configuration file redundancy

● Dual power


Venusense IPS constantly updates detection capability through features, behaviors, sandboxes, and algorithms, while maintaining the advantages of traditional IPS, it defends against advanced persistent attacks (such as unknown malicious files, unknown Trojan horse channels), 0day attacks, sensitive information leakage behaviors, precision attacks, enhanced anti-WEB scanning, etc.

The product has complete reliability assurance measures and high product reliability. There are a large number of user references in finance, power grid, telecom, government, and university.



Under bridge mode access, there is no need to adjust and change the topology or network configuration.


Similar to IDS.


Support static routing, policy routing, ISP routing, OSPF and NAT.


As a in-line security protection device, under the condition of bridge mode deployment, the product provides software and hardware dual BYPASS function to ensure the smoothness of the business under various conditions.

Certifications and Honors

● The product has obtained the IPv6 Ready Logo Phase 2 Gold Accreditation Certificate.

● CCID report shows that Venustech has the largest Chinese IDS/IPS market share for 17 consecutive years

● IDC report shows that Venustech has the first Chinese market share in the IDS/IPS hardware market from 2015 to 2019

● Shortlisted in Gartner's 2016 and 2017 IDPS Magic Quadrant

● Enter the Gartner 2018 IDSP Market Guide