Venusense intrusion prevention system (IPS), which integrates the company's research outcome in the attack prevention area, has global leading threat recognition and prevention capability. It can accurately recognize and block attacks and viruses, such as the Web attack, worm, spy software, Trojan, overflow attack, database attack, advanced threat attack, and brute-force, which make up the deficiencies of deep prevention at the network layer.


Leading intrusion prevention capability

● Provides more than 5,000 intrusion prevention signatures with weekly update.
● Supports customized attack features involving more than 25 protocols and hundreds of options.
● Provides 802.11x-based intrusion prevention at the wireless link layer (additional hardware required).

● Protects against patented algorithm-based SQL injection attacks and XSS attacks.

Advanced threat detection and prevention

● Has a built-in efficient static analysis engine and supports association with a dynamic analysis engine (sandbox).
● Supports malicious file and callback signature blocking.
● Supports deep analysis on Office files, image files, and compressed files included in HTTP, mail, and FTP traffic.

● Detects and blocks suspicious C&C channels based on the patented algorithm.

High efficiency virus prevention with dual engines

● Integrates Kaspersky virus detection solution and Antiy virus detection solution with weekly signature update.

● Ensures that performance deteriorates by less than 10% when intrusion prevention and virus prevention are enabled at the same time.

Sensitive information protection

● Supports customized sensitive information and file fingerprint rules by the content-based sensitive information filtering engine.
● Supports checking and filtering the contents of protocols and applications such as email, forum, micro blog, blog, and cloud disk.

● Blocks outgoing emails with sensitive information.

Complete control on online entertainment behaviors

● P2P control

● Streaming media control.

● IM and online game control.

● Stock software control.

High reliability

● Uses patented highly reliable security operating system and specialized hardware.
● Supports HA deployment in active-standby mode and active-active mode with the switch time less than 1 second.
● Supports hardware bypass and overload protection.
● Provides redundant system version and configuration for fault recovery.


Venusense IPS keeps updating detection methods on new types of attacks. In addition to traditional IPS, it uses detection techniques such as signatures, behaviors, sandbox, and algorithms to prevent advanced continuous attacks (for example, malicious files and unknown Trojan channels), 0-day attacks, sensitive information leakage, precise attacks, and enhanced anti-web-scanning.

Venusense IPS has complete reliability assurance measures and is widely used for the financial industry, electric power industry, carriers, government, and universities.


● Bridge mode, users do not need to change the original topology and network configurations

● Bypass mode, IPS is similar to IDS. 

● Routing mode, Static routing, policy routing, ISP routing, OSPF, and NAT are supported. 

● BYPASS, As a in-line access security protection device, IPS provides the software BYPASS function and hardware BYPASS function in bridge mode to ensure smooth service links.

Certifications and Honors

● According to IDC report, Venusense IPS ranked No. 1 in domestic market share in 2017. 

● According to CCID report, Venusense IDS/IPS has ranked No. 1 in domestic market share for consecutive 16 years. 

● The product has obtained the IPv6 Ready Logo Phase 2 Gold Accreditation Certificate.