Venusense Privilege Access Manager is a network security device that controls and audits operator and is part of the Venustech's comprehensive internal control serial.

Formulate strict privileged account authority division and access authentication to prevent core data leakage and conduct threat tracking through Venusense PAM.

Use single sign-on, it does not need to record the device's IP address, username, password and other information, and avoid information leakage, which greatly facilitates the operation and improves the efficiency.

Venusense PAM participates in the entire operation for pre-prevention, in-process control and post-audit.

Pre-prevention: establish a "human-resource- account" relationship to achieve unified authentication and authorization.

In-process control: establish a "human-operation-resource" relationship to achieve operational audit and control.

Post-audit: establish a "human-resource-log" relationship to achieve traceability and responsibility definition.

Product Features

Privileged Account Management

Establish account and password security policies and technical systems to implement regular randomization for privileged account passwords, minimize permissions, and form audit records, which resolves account sharing.

Massive Supported Protocols and Easy Expansion

Support character protocol, graphics protocol, file transfer protocol, database protocol, and can extend more protocols through application publishing server.

SSO and Efficient Operation

Support single sign-on, and support batch login, automatic command execution and automatic backup of network device configuration.

RBAC to Effectively Control Risks

Venusense PAM implements fine-grained authorization and policy through role-based access control, effectively avoids operation risks, and realizes secondary approval of high-risk commands.

Investigation and Traceability

Based on the user's identity, it truly and completely records all the user's operating behavior; supports real-time monitoring and playback; supports manual block high-risk operations.

In-Depth Database Resolution

Supports Oracle and other database protocols. After operator binds variables and executes SQL, the system can audit the specific value of the unique identifier in the corresponding SQL and assist the auditor in analyzing security incidents.

Dual-Audit, Showing in Different Dimensions

Support database protocol, character protocol, file transfer protocol command. Support related retrieval and playback of command audit and video audit.

Anti-Leap, Standardize Operation Behavior

Prevent unauthorized resources from being redirected through the application publishing server. Support HTTP(S), database protocol.

Support IPV6, Support Chinese and English Interface

User Value

Improve Internal Control and Audit to Meet Compliance Requirements

Venusense PAM provides a complete audit program that helps to improve the organization's IT internal control and audit system, so as to meet various compliance requirements and enable the organization to successfully pass IT audits.

Simplify Operation and Maintenance Management and Improve Efficiency

Venusense PAM conducts unified management of accounts and assets, standardizes and simplifies the operation and maintenance process. Provide a variety of operation methods to meet various preferences. The automatic and convenient user experience provides overall operation and maintenance efficiency.

Control Risks and Prevent Data Leakage

Venusense PAM is based on unified authentication, centralized management, and standardized operations. It strictly controls and records operations and data flow processes to maintain risks to the greatest extent.