Smart Manufacturing

With the combination of digitalization and industrialization, the information security problem in the manufacturing industry of smart manufacturing industry is becoming more and more critical.If the network is attacked, it will not only damage the precision machine toolsbut also leak the confidential technical data damaging the corporate image and cause serious adverse effects on the country and society.

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Solution Introduction

● Deploy CNC protection systems to safeguard machinery against risks from management systems and other areas.

● Deployment of industrial firewalls, perimeter isolation and key area isolation, self-learning of network data, in-depth analysis of industrial control protocols, and granular access control strategy can effectively isolate malicious code and prevent the spread of network security events.


● Deploy an industrial anomaly monitoring system to prevent security incidents and to facilitate the incident investigation. This system performs multi-dimensional, real-time and historical analysis to provide intrusion detection abilities and record business anomaly operations with real-time display of network protocol distribution while identifying mainstream industrial control protocols, such as Modbus protocol and OPC protocol.


● Deploy industrial control vulnerability scanning system and baseline configuration verification system, check the production control host network and periodically scan and configure the vulnerability to ensure the safe operation of the industrial control host.


● Industrial control operation and maintenance audit system provides safe remote operation and maintenance mode for machine tools, which can monitor and block machine operation and maintenance in real-time, and audit personnel operations;


● Malicious code detection system and sensitive information detection system, production data and applications for security protection, to avoid leakage of trade secrets.

● Deploy operation station security system, through the protection of the host terminal, the CAM terminal, the USB terminal of the processing terminal, the optical drive, the wireless interface and other interfaces can be strictly controlled. Such a system ensures proactive detection and elimination of zero-day virus and malicious code.

● Deploy industrial security gateways or one-way data GAP to isolate key areas;

● Industrial Control Information Security Management System collects the logs of protected CNC devices and performs log analysis, monitoring, auditing, report forms and display of CNC security protection devices. The system realizes the unified management of enterprise network equipment, security equipment, servers, terminals and others.


Solution Benefits


● Assist customers to separate the industrial control network into different security zones, which is convenient for management and operation and maintenance;


● Assist customers to provide comprehensive security protection for the vertical and horizontal zones of the different security zones;

● Assist customers to manage all safety equipment and network equipment by establishing an industrial control information security management platform;


● Through the improvement of industrial control safety management system, assist customers to improve safety awareness and increase the level of management.