With the evolution of technologies and the increasing demands from end users, small and medium-sized enterprises' networks become increasingly complex. Employees expect a working environment where they can get online faster for work whenever and wherever they want. At the same time, more than 60% network threats are aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. As the attacks targeting at small and medium-sized enterprises keep increasing, their network environments are getting more difficult to manage. These threats include malicious software, virus, worm, Trojan, phishing, ransomware, intrusion, DDoS attack, illegal wireless access, and spam. A security system that is easy to use and integrates multiple functions becomes increasingly important for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Solution Introduction

Venustech small and medium-sized business (SMB) solution is a unified threat management solution. It provides the all-in-one security solution, security protection for L2 to L7, firewall, anti-virus, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, content filtering, application recognition and control, bandwidth management, anti-spam, anti-DDoS, and VPN. Venustech SMB solution also protects the security of wired, wireless, and VPN accesses. This solution reduces the deployment complexity and total cost of ownership (TCO), provides user-friendly management interface, and is flexible and easy to use and manage. With the USB quick configuration mechanism, it can be easily deployed in large scale network. Venustech SMB solution provides one-stop managed service, reduces management and operation cost for end users and partners, and provides more additional values for them.


Users can use Venusense UTM70E to simplify the network environments of small and medium-sized enterprises while effectively protecting network security. Through easy management and abundant functions, users can focus on business development without worrying about network security.


Users can use Venusense DLP solution to add specific rules to prevent file leakage in multiple ways. This can prevent service and reputation from being affected and personal information from being disclosed due to data leakage.


1. Advantages

● Four Security Engines

a. Global leading AV engine that uses Kaspersky technologies
b. Self-developed IPS engine that holds multiple patents and features quick response
c. Cloud URL filtering engine that precisely blocks illegal websites
d. Cloud anti-spam engine that has globally leading anti-spam mechanism

● Centralized Management Infrastructure (CMI) 



CMI provides unique centralized management infrastructure to implement security monitoring and O&M service, to provide additional value for partner and customers.


The system can remotely authorize all modules in one-click (including trial authorization activation, formal authorization activation, authorization extension, and authorization transfer).


The signature library is upgraded every day and the system automatically upgrades at night. The system will respond to major security events within 24 hours.


The system remotely monitors the running state of devices in real time and generates an alarm when an abnormality occurs.


The system collects information about device logs, uniformly monitors multiple devices, and periodically sends reports to customers as needed.


Automatic backup is configured to recover devices remotely.


All faults are diagnosed and rectified online through Web page or SSH connection.


● Advantages of the DLP solution

Specified keyword protection: Keywords are specified to filter and protect data packets.


Sensitive information protection: Regular expression is used to protect sensitive information such as the phone number, personal ID, and credit card number.


File fingerprint recognition: Files that are modified can still be correctly recognized.


File MD5 recognition: The solution checks whether tamper-resistance files are modified.

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3. Honors

Venusense UTM takes up a large market share and earns good reputation from users all over the world with its excellent quality and service over the years.

● Venusense UTM is considered as the best UTM in China and has ranked No. 1 in market share for five consecutive years.

● Venusense UTM took up 13% market share in Japan in 2015. The solution is adopted by more than 20,000 small and medium-sized enterprises.

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