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The supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems in the gas sector are used to control and supervise many types of industrial processes. It monitors and collects the real-time status of remote stations, industrial & control stations, business users and consumers of each site using the telemetry and remote regulation technology.  
The drinking water supply is a critical infrastructure in urban municipal services.  The safe and stable operation of urban water supply systems is related to the drinking water supply and safety of urban residents.With continuous investment in automation, network and information technology,The protection ability and operation efficiency of the urban water supplyare improved a lot. This development ensures that water operation is safe and efficient, supporting the rapid development of the city.

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Solution Introduction

I、Industrial Control Security Solutions for The Gas Sector

● Each site deploys a security system to manage access to the operator stations, engineering station and servers by restricting the use of peripherals like USB, optical drive, and wireless interfaces.

● Deploy industry control abnormal monitoring system to realtimely monitor intrusion and abnormal behaviour on industry control system, and avoiding the industry control network from network attacks or abnormal access.

● Deploy industrial firewalls to achieve access control from the production execution layer to the industrial control system in the workshop, and block illegal behaviour from the management network. 

● Deploy unidirectional firewalls to ensure that the OPC server uploads data one-way, preventing the OPC server from being used as an attack portal;

● Deploy a security management system to facilitate on-site operation & maintenance   and manage all security devices and network devices to achieve unified operation & maintenance, and collection of logs.


Solution Benefits

● Implementing secure authentication and access control for users in the gas sector accessing the gas management system and critical production system

● Provide unified security monitoring and management to achieve oversight of the production network.

● To protect and enforce peripheral management of operation stations.

II. Industrial Control Safety Solutions for Water Sector

Once the water supply dispatching system’s information security is strengthened, the final effect is as below :



1. The industrial firewall is deployed in each security domain to isolate the SCADA system securely. At the same time, the WEB system publishing server is placed in the industrial firewall DMZ between the OA network and the service network to ensure data security;

2. Deploy an anomaly detection system and an industrial control information security management system at each sub-centre to monitor the network security status and equipment operation status monitoring of the water supply dispatching system;

3. Deploy the operation station safety management system on the operator station and the engineering station to ensure the safety of the terminal system;

4. Deploy a wireless detection system to prevent wireless devices from being illegally accessed within the water supply systems' wireless network;

5. Establish an industrial control vulnerability scanning system in operation and maintenance security domain to monitor the security status of industrial control equipment at all times;

6. Establish a sound security operation and maintenance management system in operation and maintenance security domain by using the security operation and maintenance system to ensure the operation and maintenance operations.

Through the establishment of the above-mentioned safety equipment and safety management system, the safe and orderly operation of the water supply dispatching system is guaranteed, and the public is provided with better water supply services.


Solution Benefits

The Venustech group has rich experience in information security. It has been exploring the industrial Internet security practice for many years. It has done many industrial control safety construction cases in the water industry, helping the Water Group improve its control system safety management system and safety technology system, and assist in improving the water supply automation system.