Mobile Internet

With the vigorous development of the Internet industry and the popularization of mobile communication technology such as 4G network, the development of the mobile Internet is showing a rapid trend, mobile applications and the number of users are also experiencing explosive growth.    
The maturity of the mobile markets attracts hackers to take advantage of mobile application security vulnerabilities, resulting in frequent security incidents.
Examples of security incidents are :(1)data breaches(2)ransomware(3)viruses(4)bonus hunting
The increasing vulnerabilities of mobile devices & applications have made Mobile Security the focus of national network security.

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Solution Introduction

The security management and control platform for mobile applications need to achieve the below to meet overall safety control needs :


1)    Centralized security protection :

a.    Basic mobile application security with centralized security protection

b.    Discovery of vulnerabilities and security issues within the mobile applications through systematic testings

c.    Resistant to reverse engineering & data tampering

d.    Monitoring of mobile application channel for software piracy


2)    Centralized security management :

a.    Centralised authentication capabilities

b.    Secured access to encrypted application data

c.    Secured binding with identification & end-point devices


3)    Centralized security operations

a.    Eliminatinfg data silos

b.    Centralised Big Data platform

c.    Big Data analytics

d.    Mobile applications situational awareness

e.    Threat monitoring

f.     Security audit

The entire platform is designed to secure and protect mobile applications with secured operations and secured control interconnectivity in mind.The platform provides a three-dimensional defence platform integrating cloud, management & end-point into a comprehensive security system. The intelligent platform realises an early warning and defence system by integrating Big Data collection & analytics, Situational Awareness with management & control.In conclusion, the platform centralised security protection, security management & operational security management dramatically enhances the overall security posture of mobile application security.