Threat Intelligence Center

Threat Intelligence Center

VenusEye Threat Intelligence Center Introduction

The VenusEye Threat Intelligence Center is the achiement of many years of experience in network security research and participation in the formulation of several national and industry-level threat intelligence standards.

The VenusEye Threat Intelligence Center is a platform that is built by the Venustech Group to collect, analyze, process, publish and apply the threat intelligence. It integrates advanced technologies like sandbox clustering, homology analysis, big data, knowledge maps, and AI to produce and deliver high-quality threat intelligence information. VenusEye is one of the few leadersin the field of threat intelligence.

VenusEye Threat Intelligence Center Research & Development Team

Eight key research laboratories: ADLab, JinJing, Taihe Beidou, BDLab, IBG, DBG, Core Technology Research Institute, SPM.


Keywords :Attack and Defense

Introduction:Active Defense Laboratory, one of first to establish Attacking and defending technology research laboratories established in China's security industry, a core member of the Microsoft MAPP program, conducts forward-looking technical research in the security field and discovers nearly 1,000 internal and external vulnerabilities,firstly introduce for the “Death” concept.


Keywords:Advanced Threat Detection

Introduction:Deep mining and analysis of the security log and sample data generated by Venustech’s detection products to improve product security detection capability, track and analyze hot-spot security events, and focus on the in-depth research of zero-day vulnerability detection technology in APT attacks.


Keywords:Security Analysis, Operations and Maintenance

Introduction:The Taihe Beidou team provides customers with round-the-clock security analysis and operations based on the TaiHe situational awareness platform, including security threat scenario modelling, attack behaviour traceability and forensics, critical project effectiveness assurance, security incident emergency response, etc.


Keywords:Big Data Security Analysis

Description:Using big data, artificial intelligence, visualization and other technologies to proactively identify threats, locate the root cause of problems and track the attack source, so that security analysis is more proactive and intelligent. At present, the key focus includes big data security analysis platform, analysis algorithm model.


Keywords:Innovative Business

Introduction:Focus on the Internet, mobile Internet and Internet of Things-related new industries, driven by independent innovation technology, actively explore new products and services, drive enterprise security SaaS services with a combination of AI, IoT, Big Data security.


Keywords:Independent security operation

Introduction:Focus on the strategic blurprint with  city-level security operation centres to establish network security monitoring, communication and emergency response mechanisms for smart cities, private local government clouds, large data centres and other urban critical information infrastructure.

7.Core Technologies Research Institute

Keywords:Artificial Intelligence

Introduction:Focus on the exploration of fundamental, strategic and forward-looking cutting-edge technologies. Venustech has a security research and technology team with a strategic vision of domestic and international security. Key research topics include: blockchain security, software defined security, machine learning, deep learning in security analysis applications.


Keywords:Mobile Security & Services

Introduction:Focus on mobile application threat awareness technology, mobile terminal application behavior analysis technology, supported by the platform, to present customers the situation awareness and threats of the mobile device from cloud, ,management to endpoint". At the same time, perform critical infrastructure vulnerability analysis through cooperation and authorization with relevant national institutions.

The Features of VenusEye Threat Intelligence Center

1.Global round-the-clock threat monitoring

2.Detailed intelligence classification and property labels

3.Customized offline intelligence database

4.Comprehensive ecosystem of threat intelligence application

VenusEye Threat Intelligence Center Connection

Venustech group’s extensive range of network security products and large enterprise customer baseprovide Venuseye Threat Intelligence Center with the highest quality threat intelligence application ecosystem, so that the center becomes an important supporting force for users to improve their overall threat defense level.

Venuseye Threat Intelligence Center offers a variety of threat intelligence services and products in a variety of different forms, including online queries, API docking, offline intelligence libraries, and private threat intelligence center solutions.

1.For enquires via Html interface, log in to for threat intelligence inquiry.

2.Querying via API interface allows big data analytics platform, network security equipment and software system to achieve real-time data queries.

3.Offline intelligence database, which distributes specific threat intelligence information into a library file for distribution, and supports customized offline information base.

4.Threat intelligence standards supports National, STIX and OpenIOC standards with customized intelligence library update policy to achieve the real-time threat intelligence.

5.Private Threat Intelligence Center with a customised threat intelligence platform providing solutions for private network environments.

VenusEye Threat Intelligence Centre Use Case

1.Threat intelligence detection, big data analysis platform, network equipment, security equipment and operational systems are important users of threat intelligence.

By collating the collected real-time network traffic and log data with Threat Intelligence data, real-time detection of threats are discovered and addressed with prioritisation.

2.Threat intelligence sourcing is achieved by correlating threat intelligence data updated in real-time with massive historical traffic and log data to discover hidden channels within the network communications and identify the hidden threats.

3.Network security operations personnel can perform research and lookup up specific IP, domain name, query and determine malicious samples via the VenusEye Threat Intelligence Center.