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Venusense UTM got short-listed in Gartner Magic Quadrant of 2016

Recently, Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory organization, released its 2016 Magic Quadrant report on unified threat management (UTM) products. As a leader in China's UTM market over the past few years, Venusense UTM products were successfully listed on this year's Gartner UTM Magic Quadrant report. Gartner highly praised Venusense UTM products: "Venustech, headquartered in Beijing, China, is a large security vendor that was founded in 1996. Venusense UTM includes 38 models, with different models for the Chinese and international markets. Venusense UTM is also available as a virtual appliance. Management interface is available in Chinese, English and Japanese. " Meanwhile, Gartner also points out that while Venusense UTM products have exhibited superb performance in the banking, financial and government sectors, and Venustech will be a preferred brand for SMBs seeking local channel support and fine quality of service (QoS).

Harnessing More than Ten Years' Experience to Develop Better Products

In 2005, UTM only existed as a new concept in China. At that point, Venustech took the lead to unveil Venusense UTM products, triggering an upsurge in China's UTM market.

In 2009, Venustech released its ten-gigabit UTM products featuring a multi-core architecture, which met demand for high-performance UTM products in ten-gigabit environments. Also in that year, Venusense UTM security suite was launched. By combining Venusense intranet security management system with UTM, the company provides overall security ranging from gateways to endpoint. In particular, UTM extends network access, access control, traffic management and attack defense functions to terminals, so that it can help users build a fine- grained, controllable, easy-to-manage and efficient security network. In 2014, Venustech  launched the first gateway (UTM) level APT solution. Based on the mass blacklists and whitelists integrated by the private cloud detection system and large-scale dynamic authentication of virtual machines, the solution determines whether files contain malicious behavior, forming an automated analysis report, and interacts with UTM. Without compromising forwarding performance, it has significantly boosted UTM's detection capability.

Persistent Innovation to Meet Customer Demand

With firewall access control at the core, Venusense UTM is an integrated security product offering application identification and control, Web security protection, email security protection, virus protection, intrusion prevention, APT protection, DDoS attack prevention, content filtering, security audit, centralized management and VPN secure access functions. 

In recent years, Venustech has been seeking technological innovation, and constantly improving and optimizing its software architecture, with an array of remarkable results. At present, Venustech boasts the best UTM product development capability in the industry, with product lines covering the megabit, gigabit and ten gigabit levels. It stands out among security vendors in China and even the world. The company has established its position as a forerunner in the UTM market. In the future, Venustech will continue to stick to customer demand, and pay close attention to security trends. Constantly making innovation in products and technology, it will push the information industry forward with better products and services.

Gartner and Venustech: Thanks to its widely recognized authority and large clientele, Gartner is the clear leader in the industry. It has some 35,000 customers including suppliers, manufacturers, system integrators, consulting firms, banks, financial institutions, energy/transportation companies, government departments, as well as other sectors. Its customers cover almost all world-class big companies. Since its first release in 2006, Gartner's annual Magic Quadrant report for various kinds of IT and security products has become an important basis for numerous businesses and institutions when selecting products. Venustech started to team up with Gartner in 2016. Through concerted efforts made by its overseas business divisions and product lines, Venustech fully communicated with Gartner analysts, and carried out surveys and research in Venusense UTM, WAF and IPS products. The analysts paid great attention and gave full recognition to Venustech. We believe that more Venustech products will appear in Gartner's Magic Quadrant report.
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